All accounts, characters, items, and any form of data in the game is owned by Howlbreath LLC. Howlbreath LLC reserves the right to do anything to this data, including but is not limited to changing and deleting characters, items, or other data.

  1. You must not use the game to facilitate any form of unlawful acts, including but not limited to communications
  2. You must not use offensive language
  3. You must not use profanities
  4. You must not harass other players
  5. You must not modify any files in the game installation
  6. You must not modify the running game
  7. You must not redistribute the game
  8. If you discover a bug in the game, it must be reported and must not be exploited nor shared with others
  9. You must not delete players from an account that you did not create
  10. You must not use any form of bot, trainer, or macro with the game
  11. You must not use anything to control the game when you are not actively playing
  12. You must not send any kind of TCP-IP nor UDP packets to the servers using any program other than the game running on a computer
  13. You must not hack, reverse engineer, or decompile any files included with the game
  14. You must not repeatedly grief members of your own town, such as but not limited to continuously attacking or preventing them from playing
  15. You must not use characters with the purpose of aiding players of the opposing town
  16. You must not intentionally let your character(s) be killed by enemy players nor your own players
  17. You must not buy, sell, nor trade in-game goods for anything other than in-game goods and services
  18. You must not buy, sell, nor trade accounts
  19. You must not use any third-party software to modify the game behavior
  20. You must not play multiple instances of the game at the same time, including but not limited to multiple instances on the same computer or multiple computers
  21. You must not hack nor log into any accounts not created by you

Account Sharing

Sharing accounts with other users is discouraged. The security of a user's account and it's contents is your responsibility.